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Sincere Condolences…

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of our Community Behavioural Health partner, Dr Niranjan Natwerlal Jani, M.D., who passed away on Friday 15th January, 2021.

Please see below his Biography and a link to the donation page in remembrance of his passing.

From everyone at Global Health Linkages Incorporation, we give our condolences and support to Dr Niranjan Jani’s family.

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Dr Niranjan Naterwal Jani

Dr Jani
Dr. Niranjan Natwerlal Jani, M.D. really shouldn’t need an obituary or any introduction. He lived and continues to live in the hearts and memories of his family, friends, colleagues, students, and patients for generations to come.

He was born in Tanzania to Dr. Natwerlal and Mrs. Chandrika Jani. Growing up as the son of the President’s Physician of President Nyerere. Dr Niranjan Jani could fondly recollect assisting his father with surgeries as a young man.

As an adolescent, he relocated to England, UK, where he attended a school in Sudbury, Suffolk; a rural county much like the Eastern Shore. This was followed by attending Indiana University and eventually graduating from a Medical School in Mexico.

He then married the love of his life, Dr Sushma Jani nee Dave, in Mumbai, India. They moved to Indiana and attended Indiana University School of Medicine’s Psychiatry Residency Program.

He was eventually accepted to Georgetown University School of Medicine’s Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry fellowship. Dr Sushma Jani, eager to understand other parts of America, went to Johns Hopkins University and became a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

Between them they gave birth to three lovely children, their daughter, Dr Suni Jani, who Dr Niranjan Jani frequently introduced as a doctor who went to Harvard later in life.  Their son, Raja Jani, who went to study at film school but then opted to train in Neurosurgery. Finally their youngest daughter, Roma Jani, who went against the norm to become a civil engineer like her grandfather.

Dr Niranjan Jani’s children are the light of his life not only because he was proud of them and their accomplishments, but they were proud of him as their father, mentor, teacher, pillow, travel agent, and the in-house clown. His rapport with staff was second to none, his interaction always led his staff and patients too, to become better versions of themselves.

What empowered him was that every morning, he performed his prayers with his children who he lured into the Hindu faith with Indian sugar candy, and eventually with his limitless love of God and unwavering faith that he had retained since childhood. He was very proud he adhered to the priestly values of his heritage, abstaining from intoxicants and meat his entire life but always befriending anyone, regardless of their values, faith, or practices.

As the Chief Administrator, he overlooks a hundred employees in two successful organizations, their gardens, buildings, furniture, and he had a true love of creating patient care spaces that allowed for treatment in dignity.