Castle Prep

Many mental illnesses can be prevented and addressed with proper education and support of students who require special attention. GHLI has partnered with The Castle College Preparatory Academy (CCPA), a program that comprehensively prepares international students for the American college admissions process. It gives students with academic difficulties in their own country who are unfamiliar with American university life and culture the unique chance to live near college campuses to learn first-hand, and prepare for significant academic opportunities with the help and guidance of experienced professionals. The program curriculum includes three core components:

  1. SAT preparation that uses market-leading materials and instruction
  2. Personal statement writing for the college admission essay
  3. College counseling from an experienced staff of academic advisors.

Once they have completed this basic training, they will have the opportunity to improve their resumes through shadowing and enrollment in Chesapeake Community College to receive in Associate’s Degree while continuing housing and academic support through CCPA.

This school will provide students with the opportunity to learn about culture and academics in month long to nine month long immersive experiences that will eventually translate into a 2 year supportive student environment that can work towards a respectable degree in their field of interest.

A portions of the funds from this school will be utilized to provide free healthcare and education through other GHLI projects.

Please click the image to look at our flier. For enrollment and other questions, please contact