2013: Vadodara Koshish Project

In collaboration with the Koshish Milap Trust, we designed an Individualized Education Program and School to Work Transitional Program for children with Intellectual Disabilities and Developmental Delays. The grassroots projects were coordinated with geneticists, occupational therapists and the families of children to create a holistic approach to treatment.

2007: The Ahmedabad Women’s Shelter

Ahmedabad is the capital of the state of Gujarat. GHLI supported a grassroots project to help improve the livelihood of women who have suffered from years of domestic abuse by funding for improved accommodation and women’s empowerment programs.

2007: The Oshiwara Municipal Maternity Hospital, Mumbai

GHLI supported a government run maternity hospital in the Mumbai’s district of Andheri West through funding to restructure the health care facilities and provide equipment to deliver better healthcare.